Traveling & Personal Growth (A Match Made In Heaven)

It’s no doubt traveling is great for us. The benefits are abundant, whether it be jumping out of your comfort zone on your first trip overseas or vagabonding for years. When it comes to personal growth, there is nothing better to improve yourself than getting out of your comfort zone and hitting the open road. 

Personal growth is often associated with wishy-washy, yoga, spirituality, star sign, and the wishy-washy BS, now synonymous with self-development. However, personal growth doesn’t have to mean this; travel allows you to grow in ways you can apply to the real world, life skills, and the ability to flow through less than ideal situations. An incredible skill you’ll carry for the rest of your life. 

Let’s discover some of the most important personal growth benefits you’ll gain from taking the leap and hitting the road on your first trip or your next one. 

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What Travelling Does For Your Growth 

Flow Like Water 

On the road, things go wrong. No matter how rigorously you plan and how well your prepare, things inevitably go to shit. Sometimes. Although infuriating at the time, things going down the pan while traveling is an excellent teacher. 

It teaches you to flow with any situation that occurs, that 10-hour flight delay? No problem? Missed a bus and the next one isn’t until next week? No sweat. Had all of your money? I can handle it right after I’ve called the bank. It simply forces you into the moment and accepts the events around you. 

Flowing through bad situations makes you a more patient person but gives you a level of comfort no matter what’s happening. Flowing like water is an excellent metaphor for this and one that has stuck with me whenever I travel. Naturally, I’m an incredibly impatient person and still am in many ways, but travel has taught me to flow like water for things out of my control. 

Handle Your Finances 

Traveling on a budget for extended periods requires you to expertly manage your finances to stay on the road for as long as possible. Instead of splashing out on club nights with your mates or shopping for that latest LV bag, you’ll have to remember that upcoming visit to Macchu Picchu or a dream trip to Hawaii. You’ll need to save large portions of what you earn before you travel and be thrifty to maximize how long you can travel. 

Confidence In Any Situation

Imagine being able to walk into any room in any country and feel relaxed with the situation. After a year or so on the road to far-flung destinations, you’ll have confidence that you’ll never be nervous in social situations at home ever again. This works exceptionally well if you’re an introvert or struggle in social situations. 

Whether it be something as simple as ordering food in a different language? Hanging out in a bar, or riding in a taxi with strangers, when you go home, you’ll bring an air of confidence and a confident side to you your friends haven’t seen before. 

Creativity & Self Awareness 

If you’re traveling alone, which I strongly recommend, you’ll have a tonne of time. This makes for some of the most creative time of your life. Whether on a ten-hour bus journey or zoning out in your hotel room, this time provides clarity and allows new ideas to flow into your head.  Thoughts of how you want to spend your life, new business ideas, and things you want to learn will help you grow into the person you want to become. 

Being honest and becoming self-aware is only achieved by spending many hours alone, with time and space to think, with no one else influencing your thoughts. This time is essential for becoming more self-aware and developing personally and professionally. 

Perspective & Gratitude 

On the road, you’re going to meet people with a significantly lower quality of life than you. This sheds light on life that evokes a sense of gratitude you won’t find by staying home.  Just seeing how happy people can be with minimal possessions is extraordinarily humbling and puts worries into a sense of perspective. 

Although this is easy to say, wherever you have a problem, you can’t just say, Oh, that doesn’t matter, people in so and so country only have this. That’s no way to solve problems. However, this perspective is still essential for holding a sense of gratitude for the things and opportunities you have. 



The time you spend alone when traveling is crucial to self-development and why traveling and personal growth tie so well together. Solitude allows you to think and not think and become self-aware emotionally, professionally, and personally. 

Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, you’ll be spending tonnes of time alone when traveling for a long time, and how you use this time is crucial. Read self-development books, take time to journal, and write down goals and new things you want to learn. 

Alone time removes distraction and allows you to focus on goals setting and creating a life that you genuinely want, not being distracted and led into the default – Uni, then 9-5 until you retire life plan. 


Traveling & Personal Growth - Summary  

Traveling and personal growth are a match made in heaven. There are numerous benefits, and time on the road experiencing new countries, meeting new people, and having time to yourself, helps create a life you truly want. To recap, here are those benefits again: 

  • Flow like water 
  • Handle your finances
  • Confidence in any situation 
  • Creativity
  • Perspective and gratitude 
  • Solitude 

I strongly encourage you to get on the road first. You never know where it could lead; the experiences you gain can teach you much more than a degree or apprenticeship ever could, and trust me, you don’t need any of those to create the life you want. 

Do exactly what you want to do. 

Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon

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