Surfing in Saquarema – Complete guide 

Famous worldwide for hosting the Championship Tour and WSL Challenger Series, Saquarema has drawn attention in the surfing world. While the waves don’t compare to other notable surf destinations, the surf in Saquarema and the laid-back lifestyle combine to create an excellent surf destination. 

If you’re looking for a peaceful beach town to relax and surf fun, punchy beach break waves, Saquarema has precisely that. I was super intrigued by the town, so I booked a bus ticket from Rio and went to find out. Here’s everything you need to know for surfing in Saquarema. 

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How To Get To Saquarema? 

Getting to Saquaerma is a short bus ride from Rio De Janeiro. Check out Busbud for the cheapest fairs. Located just a 1.5 – 2 hour drive from Central Rio, so either jump on the bus or hire a car and drive. 

Where To Surf In Saquarema?

The main bulk of surfing happens at Ituana. A beautiful stretch of golden white sands, divided into two main surf spots. Ituana at the northern end, where you see the classic wedgy left-handers, then Barrinha, where powerful slabbing rights come to life on the right day. If you haven’t seen the potential of the place, check out the video below. Ituana is where it’s at for surfing in Saquarema. 

Where to Stay? 

Around town, there’s an abundance of places to stay, from hotels to awesome AirBnB apartments. There are also a handful of hostels, especially further away from the main part of town. While you won’t find as many budget options as Rio, check out Hostelworld and to find rooms for less than $30usd per night. 

I stayed at a wicked Airbnb in Saquarema, just a bike ride away from Ituana. Private pool and desk space; perfect if you’re a surfing digital nomad. Check the place out here. 

What Else To Do In Town? 

There isn’t much else to do than surfing in Saquarema. A pure surf town laid back and a little sleepy. And with Rio as a neighbor, the place serves as a welcome break from the craziness of the big city. You don’t come to Saquarema for anything other than soaking up the relaxed beach vibes and surf culture. 

Surfing In Saquarema - Final Words 

In Saquarema, you’ll surf consistent beach break peaks, but the waves are generally nothing special. While the beach does experience its share of pumping and stand-out days with thumping barrels and wedges, it’s a town largely overlooked by many traveling surfers. 

However, Saquarema is an excellent place to unwind while enjoying fun, consistent beach break peaks if you’re in Brazil or traveling through Latin America. Just mind the backwash. If you want to learn more about the place and surfing in Rio, check out my other blog post and my Youtube channel.

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