How To Travel Full Time & Make Money

It’s the life you want right?

Endless travel and an unlimited source of funds… While the latter will take many years of dedication to achieve, having a life of full-time travel and the ability to earn money while you do it (better still earn online), is possible right now. 

However, I’m not here to give you the cliches. “Quit your job, follow your dream, and blah blah blah“. No. None of that crap. 

In this post, I’m going to tell you exactly how to make money and travel full time.  

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Getting Set Up - To Make Money & Travel Full Time 

Saying No To The Norm

Before we really get down to the actionable stuff, it all starts with your mindset. 

Insert, the default travel life plan – Work the season (6 months at a holiday destination waiting tables or washing dishes) working every day and grabbing as many hours as humanly possible. 

Having saved up a tonne of cash, it’s then time to book your trip and make that money last for the following six months, perhaps somewhere affordable such as south-east Asia or South America. 

Then, you return home again, broke. And the process starts over. This way of living has long been the go-to for the avid traveller and don’t get me wrong…. there’s nothing wrong with it. 

But to truly have a life of freedom, you don’t want to be tied down to a season or even any job that requires you to be somewhere at a certain time or place. Or worse still, wear a uniform… 

You need to go against the grain and not conform to a “normal” job. Instead, spend your time learning skills that are going to allow you to work on the road, at a time and place that suits you. 

Online Work Commitment

To truly travel full-time, you need to commit to working online.

This is non-negotiable and is the only way you’ll be able to travel 12 months of the year, every year! 

Before we check out some online jobs, start thinking about what skills you might already have or things you’d like to learn, which can be done online. 

Do you like writing, editing videos or maybe you want to start your own business? 

Even if you don’t quite know what you want to do yet, start researching around things you could be interested in. 

Living Below Your Means

This one is massive, especially when you first start travelling and working online.

 This means you’re going to be able to grow your wealth while you’re on the road… As you start growing your skills, you will start to earn more and more money and for most people, this leads to the trap of earning more and upgrading their lifestyle to match. 

Most people, get a better job or a promotion, then start buying better cars, bigger houses and flashier jewellery… Meaning that money isn’t actually ‘more’, it is the same. 

In terms of travel, this can mean staying in fancier accommodation or flying to different corners of the world… 

But if you travel basically as if you were still a budget traveller, the extra money you earn from working remotely can be put into investments and used to grow your wealth.

Best Jobs For Full Time Travellers

Ok, let’s dive in. 

These are the jobs that are going to afford you a life of travel. 

Each can be done anywhere and are very flexible in terms of hours. All these jobs are full-time careers here in 2021 and although some of them may take time to get good at, working towards them will seriously pay off over the next few years. 

Disclaimer – I’m not here to give you a random list of jobs that can be done online, as quite frankly, there’s a tonne of them! In addition, there are also plenty of low paying entry-level jobs that more or less everyone can do. This post is not focused on them! These jobs are quality, high demand skills that will take time to perform well but are worth it in the long run.

For a longer more in-depth list of travel jobs, please check out this post. 


Copywriting is one of the best skills you can learn now. 

Being able to create amazing pieces of writing whether it be for a; web page, sales email, blog post, article or newsletter your words can be extremely valuable to a company. 

If you’re a great writer that can produce copy that persuades, informs and sells products, you’ll be in high demand from now into the future. 

To get started with writing, I’d highly recommend starting a blog and just writing every day. 

After months of doing this, you’ll naturally become a better writer and you’ll be in a great position to start applying for freelance writing positions. 

Online Tutoring

If you’re a native English speaker, teaching English is one of the best jobs you can have as a full-time traveller.

There are so many teaching platforms out there with some requiring a bachelors degree or a TEFL certificate (which is well worth doing if you want to do this as a career). 

However, there are 1 or 2 companies out there that allow you to teach English without any previous experience or qualifications.

I began teaching with a company called Cambly, and still do a few hours now when I have time. 

You can get paid for having conversations with students from all over the world and is a great place to dip your toe into the world of online English teaching.  

Video Editing

With video being the most consumed form of content right now, it goes without saying that being a great editor is an invaluable skill in 2021. 

Maybe this is something you like doing and skill you already have? 

If not there is plenty of content and software out there that will allow you to learn and become great extremely quickly if you’re prepared to put in the work.  

Web Design

As we move into an ever more digital world. The need for websites, and good ones at that, is also increasing. 

If you can develop the knowledge and be able to build great, easy to use websites for businesses you are in a solid position to never find yourself out of work. 

Again, there’s so much amazing and helpful content on this subject out there so I’d highly recommend diving in and reading and watching as many videos as you can to become a great designer. 

Like with writing, starting your own blog website is a great way to learn two skills at once. 

Just choose a topic you like and are interested in, and make a blog about it. You can get set up with a basic site for around $200 US bucks.

Digital Marketing

In the remote world, we now live in, digital marketing has become another invaluable skill. 

This can include marketing through different online avenues such as; social media, SEO, emails, blogging and affiliates. 

If you can provide the knowledge for businesses in how they can create income through digital assets, you become extremely valuable all of a sudden. 

Start reading about what makes content rank on Google (SEO), how to get social media followers and how to write a good email. 

Developing Skills - To Allow Full-Time Travel

Let’s take a look at some of the skill sets you need to start adopting for being able to work online. 

The following skills are going to allow you to be a digital working superhero when applied to the skills discussed above. 


If you can learn the art of selling, whether it be products for other people or your own services, you’re going to be an unstoppable force no matter what you do. 

Applied to skills such as starting a web design business or becoming a writer, and you have yourself a recipe for amazing online success.


Communication is a great skill to have in all aspects of life. But even more so when it comes to working online. 

There are so many platforms we use to communicate nowadays, whether it be through your writing or speaking, get the message across clearly and you’ll be in good stead for lining up some great opportunities.


I read a fantastic book recently called ‘Deep Work’ which talks about the most effective way of working. 

Being super productive by limiting and even completely removing distractions is a way to absolutely killing it when working online. 

When your travel and use your laptop constantly, you are exposed to literally endless distractions. 

Whether it be from the things to do in the amazing place you’re visiting, social media, messages from friends and let’s not even get started on Google ad Youtube, there are so many things that can take you out of a focused work state. 

If you can learn to work extremely productively, you’ll be surprised at how little you actually need to work and be rewarded with more time and money than your ever thought possible. 

Offline Jobs For Travelling Full Time

In addition to some amazing online jobs, there are some great travel jobs to be done offline. 

While I strongly encourage learning and developing online skills for full-time travel, you may not be ready to make a living online yet. 

if you want to check out some easy online jobs, check out this post here. 

So here are some great jobs you can do in the meantime. 


Labour and construction work has long been a backpacker’s favorite and before I worked online Is what I relied on almost entirely. 

Jobs on constructions sites are super common and easy to find in places such as New Zealand and Australia, which are not only epic/popular travel destinations but also have some of the world’s highest wages.

Most hostels will advertise these sorts of jobs as well as online posting sites such as Indeed and Gumtree. 

A great temporary job as long as you don’t mind getting stuck into some good old-fashioned hard work!  

Bar Work

Another classic travel gig. 

Working in a bar is not only a great way to meet locals and other travelers, it’s a fun job that keeps your bank account topped up. 

In travel hotspots, there’ll never be a shortage of bars, all you need to do is ask around, hand out resumes and look at local job listings online. 

Au Pair

Becoming an Aur pair has been a super popular job for travelers for years and is especially common in Europe. 

Essentially, you are helping a host family out in exchange for bed and board. 

While this may not strictly put money into your pocket, it’ll stop your account draining while also being a great way. to meet the local people and get a real sense of the culture. 

Typically you’ll be helping take care of children, running errands, cleaning, and generally helping families who are too busy to do everything on their own.  

Hostel Work

Hostels are a fantastic place to work, meet other travelers, and earn money in the process. 

While most hostel jobs don’t pay actual cash, they typically offer working hours in exchange for bed and board. 

This is super common in hostels all over the world and if you find a place you love, one of the best ways you can extend your stay for a few weeks or months.  

Careers That Require Travel

We’ve already looked at some great online jobs and some great temporary offline options, but there are also some full-time careers (or what some would consider normal jobs) that require you to travel. 

Let’s take a look at what some of these are…

Travel Influencer

You’ve seen the pics on Instagram, right? 

Travelers posting dreamy shots of tropical beaches and plush hotels… 

It’s hard to imagine how that sort of lifestyle is affordable and to be honest, it isn’t for many of us… 

However, with a large social media following, you can become appealing to brands (specifically those in the travel industry). 

These brands include; travel companies, airlines, hotels, and review sites often give influencers that chance to come and stay or travel with them for free in exchange for posting about their content. 

This is super powerful in the eyes of a brand and a great way for travellers to afford a more affluent way of travel. 

Travel Blogger/Writer

If you can write really well, and do it in an engaging and persuading tone, travel blogging may be for you. 

Although travel blogging is cliche and comes with thought of ‘oh everybody’s doing that already’, there’s actually many ways you can monetize a travel blog. 

This can be through creating your own content, adding affiliate links (like I do with this blog), selling your products online, or guest posting for other sites. 

If you build up a name for yourself through blogging you can then start grabbing the attention of magazines and publications that need travel writers. 

The biggest magazines pay big bucks for good travel content and sometimes cover trip costs. 

Airline Host

If you want to build a reputable career and want to travel while you do it, then becoming an airline host is the job for you. 

A job that pays great money and lets up stop off in some amazing places (even if only a day or two) is an amazing way to see the world and save money simultaneously. 

And when you’ve got time off, guess what? You’ll have loads of money to do even more traveling. 

For even more travel jobs, both offline and online, please check out this post here. 

Travelling Full Time & Making Money - Summary

So there we have it. 

Everything you need to know in being able to start working while you’re on the go allows you a  life of full-time travel. 

I won’t lie, it’s going to take work. And lots of it. In fact, you’ll have to be very dedicated if you want to become skilful enough to earn a great income and jet-set around the world. 

Most people can’t do it and quit at the first few hurdles, but if you push past any setbacks and keep moving forward by constantly improving your skills daily, your trajectory for success goes up and up… 

Keep doing this and your life will be so full of online work opportunities, travel experiences and wealth, you’ll never even look back. 

Happy learning, working and travelling. 

Travelling Full Time & Making Money - FAQ's

Work online. working from your laptop is the easiest and most effective way of making money to travel full time. 

Some of the highest paying travel jobs include; Journalist, travel agent, blogger and air host. 

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