Full-Time Travel – The Ultimate Guide To a Life on The Road

It’s the dream life right? 

Jumping on planes, ticking off every destination from your bucket list, meeting epic like-minded people, all while earning money along the way… 

Whatsmore, there’s no planned end date in sight…. 

If that lifestyle seems a little far fetched, reserved only for single 20 something’s with unlimited funds… 

I’m here to tell you, it isn’t. 

The full-time travel lifestyle you want is possible. Very possible and you’re in fact, closer to reaching it than you may think… 

In this post, we’re going to learn exactly how you can travel full time…. 


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How To Become a Full-Time Traveller 

Drop Commitments 

The first and most important thing you need to do to embark on a life of endless travel is to drop or at least dramatically reduce your commitments. 

Obviously, there are commitments you can’t drop, but anything that ties you down in some way to one place or form of work is no good if you want to travel full time.  

Anything such as jobs, visa requirements or memberships mean you have to be in one place for an extended period of time. As a full-time traveller, you want to get in the habit of cutting or saying no to anything that requires you to be somewhere for more than a few months…

Be Money Smart 

In both, the lead up to your travels and during, developing a strong sense of the value of money is going to be super important for being able to first save up, and second, make your money stretch and last as long as possible. 

You need to have the mindset of questioning everything you spend money on. Ask yourself – Is this really contributing to my travel plans? 

It’s also great to have a savings goal to work towards and help you resist any spending urges. 

Being money conscious is a great skill to have even when you can make a living on the road and work online, which leads me to my next point…

Work Online

By far the easiest way you can travel full time is by working online. 

Having a job in which you can do anywhere and better still, whenever you want, is a fantastic way to live! 

Right now, there are so many different online skills you can earn that can eventually turn into good income sources. These jobs include things such as; 

Basically, any job that can be done with some decent internet, and laptop is going to allow you complete geographical freedom. 

Even if you’re earning next to nothing online, that pay is worth so much more in that it allows you to work when and where you want. 

What would you rather have? A flexible job that pays $5-10 per hour or a job that requires you to be in a certain place at a certain time for $30 per hour? 

Yep, exactly. 

Travel Smart 

Travelling smart is all about planning ahead (even if it’s by only a few weeks). 

Spend time researching the costs of places, how you’ll afford to go there and how to get between places. This way you know what to expect beforehand. 

It’s also good to travel slowly and visit countries next to each other, rather than trying to plan an itinerary involving flights all over the world. As fun as that may be, it’s expensive and exhausting. 

Pros & Cons of Full Time Travel 

Although it’s a great life, working anywhere and travelling around constantly, there are 1 or two cons that come with such a life.  

Here are some pros and cons that come with the life of full-time travel.


Ultimate Freedom

The reason people choose to travel full-time is for freedom. 

The ultimate freedom of being able to go where you want, do what you want, work when you want and not get told what to do by anyone.

Meeting People

When you travel to so many new countries and spend periods of time in each of them, you’re going to meet a tonne of people, just like you. 

Perhaps they work online too or enjoy the same activities? Either way, surrounding yourself with people who already live the life you’re striving for is a great way to achieve your goals faster.


Sense of Belonging

Despite the many amazing perks, a life of endless travel does come with some downsides. 

Perhaps the most notable is sometimes losing a sense of belonging. Yes, you’ll meet amazing new people on the road but often, relationships can be short lives and you will spend some time on your own, which is awesome sometimes but just be prepared as being away from your friends and family for a long time, can wear you down.

Burn Out 

Yes, burning out is real and applies to all aspects of life. 

Full-time travel is no different. 

Going from country to country, working every day online, researching and figuring costs is actually a lot harder than it seems and can all pile up after a few months. 

Full-Time Travel - Summary 

So there we have it. 

A guide on what you need to do in order to travel full time. 

Giving yourself a life of full-time travel will take time, so please don’t read, this, quit your job tomorrow and jump on the road. 

Start learning some online skills and start mapping out exactly how you can afford to get to the place you want… 

Learn, plan and do!

Happy travelling.

Full-Time Travel - FAQ’s

Yes, definitely. Through planning, learning online skills and dropping commitments - A life of full-time travel is entirely possible. 

Yes, definitely. Through planning, learning online skills and dropping commitments - A life of full-time travel is entirely possible. 

Some awesome jobs for full-time travellers are; Copywriting, web design, video editing and digital marketing.

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Dan Harmon

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