The Very Best Places To Travel Alone 2021

The last two years have been pretty rough, right? 


I mean, as a solo traveller, 2020 and 2021 have been the worst years on record. 


With whole countries shutting down and borders being closed for well over a year in some places, your frustration and longing for travel are likely reaching a boiling point… 


However, things are looking up. 


Countries are reopening, airlines are flying again and most importantly people are less afraid to start heading back overseas.  


Let’s check out some of the very best places to travel alone, right now in 2021.

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The Very Best Places To Travel Alone List

If you love the feeling of jumping on a plane, to a new destination, with no idea what’s going to happen or who you’re going to meet, then you’re probably already an avid solo traveller.


The countries listed in this post, are some of the best for solo travel.

Sydney, Australia

Australia has long been regarding one of the world’s best destinations for backpackers. 


For solo travellers, Sydney is a hard one to beat. 


Due to the popularity among young people, Sydney has a tonne of hostels (seriously, there are bucket loads), which makes it a great place to meet like-minded travellers. 


With great nightlife, beautiful beaches and iconic cityscape, please don’t miss Sydney off your solo travel bucket list. 


Because the city (and Australia in general) is extremely safe, this is a great destination if it’s your first time travelling alone or even your first trip overseas. 


The Australian government plans to open its borders to select countries as of late this year. So keep an eye out.

Tokyo, Japan

Despite being expensive, Tokyo and Japan, on the whole, is an incredible destination as a solo traveller. 


With a city as large as Tokyo (the population is close to that of the whole of Australia) you’re never too far away from other people.


You could spend an entire month in Tokyo and not get bored, as there really is just so much to do. 


With that much culture to take in, it’s hard to know where to start when visiting the city and it can all be a little overwhelming. But be sure to check out the Shibuya Crossing and take the lift up the Skytree Tower. 


Tokyo has an abundance of hostels (and yes you’ll be staying in the epic little capsule beds) across the entire city. 


I found the Shinjuku area to be the best, as there were so many places to stay and literally hundreds of bars and restaurants.


If you want one of the best solo travel experiences you’re likely to find anywhere, head to Golden Gai, an area hosting around 200 tiny bars, all crammed into a few narrow alleys. 


Most of the bars here can only fit around 10 people, so you can simply walk in by yourself, order a drink and get chatting with both locals and travellers. 


Find out how to travel Japan cheap. 

Santa Tereasa, Costa Rica

Despite Santa Teresa’s location out on the edge of the Nicoya Peninsula, the town has become somewhat of a travel hub for surfers and backpackers. 


Surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches, jungle and incredible surf spots, it really is no wonder the town has developed into what it is…


There’s an abundance of great hostels here, to suit all budgets, all of which are nestled between the beach, shops and bars. Look no further than the Playa Carmen area, for some great nightlife! 


The place has real charm, and if you get the chance to visit on a more long term basis, the surrounding area offers; rainforest walks, national parks, boat trips and going a little further out… volcano hiking.


Costa Rica is currently open for travel and invites people from around the world.

Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Despite Brazil’s dangerous reputation, the country is surprisingly safe and great for solo travellers. 


By taking precautions (as you would in all Latin American countries), you won’t have any problems, especially in popular tourist areas such as Ipanema and Copacabana.


Popular bucket list attractions include; Christ the Redeemer and sugarloaf mountain, both iconic to the nation and simply a must-do for anyone visiting Brazil.   


In the tourist areas, there are many affordable hostels where you’ll meet people from all over the world.


Brazilians are also some of the most friendly and welcoming people you’re likely to meet anywhere and what’s more, they love to party! 


Head to Brazil as a solo traveller and you won’t be disappointed. 

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The south-east Asian backpacker route – made up of; Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam has been one of the most famous and popular travel routes since the ’70s. And for good reason. 


A country that attracts young people from all over the globe and caters for just that. 


A super affordable destination with an abundance of hostels, bars and restaurants and the opportunity to party in all the major tourist areas. 


Don’t miss Hanoi, Ho Chi Mihn and the beautiful Ha Long Bay. 

Berlin, Germany

A city world-famous for its history, architecture and infamous nightlife. 


As a solo traveller In Europe, you simply have to check out Berlin. 


Some great places to check out include; The Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Berlin Wall, Holocaust Museum and Museum Island. 


When you’re done exploring the city during the day, your attention will likely turn to the nightlife, of which the city has become synonymous. 


There are a few main nightlife districts in Berlin spread out across the city, so try and find accommodation in the same area you plan to spend the night. 


A great place to let loose while also diving into some rich European history.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A city renowned for its tourism and nightlife. 


If you’re planning any trip around Europe, Amsterdam should be a non-negotiable part of your itinerary.  


With the city attracting visitors from all over the world, Amsterdam is hard to beat for solo travellers. 


There’s no shortage of places to stay here and enough bars and clubs to last a lifetime, let alone just one trip. 


Keep in mind though, Amsterdam is very expensive, so if you’re travelling on a budget, you’ll have to think strategically about how to spend. 

Reykjavik, Iceland

According to trading, Iceland, pre-pandemic reached its ‘record high’ visitor numbers in the month of August 2018. 


291,344 to be exact. 


These numbers, really arent surprising, as Iceland is truly a spectacular place to visit. 


With striking black sand beaches, wild coastline and breathtaking waterfalls… not to mention the volcanoes and geothermal springs. 


Look no further than driving the famous ‘ring road’ to get the very best icelandic experience.  


The country is also set to become of the most eco-friendly tourist destinations on the globe and has some of the friendliest people on the planet. 


Just be sure to budget, as the country is also one of the world’s most expensive.

San Francisco, California

If you’re reading from the US, this one may surprise you. 


As, why the hell would you want to travel inside your home country?


But hold on a sec, San Francisco is an incredible place to visit, for both tourists and locals. 


The city itself boasts great nightlife, an awesome social scene, and plenty of hostels to stay. 


As a solo traveller, you’ll meet other like-minded travellers from all sorts of places in San Fran. 


Outside of the city, things only get better, being in close proximity to some amazing national parks such as Sequoia and Yosemite as well as the Golden Gate and the spectacular coastline of Big Sur. 

Lima, Peru

Peru has long been a popular destination for solo travellers and backpackers. 


Flying into Lima, you can then explore what the rest of the country has to offer. Which is a tonne! 


Popular places to visit include; Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountains, Andes Mountains, Cusco and the Nazca lines. 


Travellin here is super affordable and you’ll likely be accompanied by other backpackers keen to take advantage of both the amazing experiences and affordability. 


Just remember to brush up on your Spanish!

Summary of Best Places for Travelling Alone

There is no definite number 1 place in the world as a solo traveler. 


At the end of the day, it’s going to depend on your personal preference and what you wantt from a destination. 


One final word, I will say is to just jump in and go! Start wit the places on this list to get started then start expanding out from there.

The best countries to travel alone include; Australia, Costa Rica, Brazil & Japan.

With countries opening up across the globe, the list fo places you can travel to alone in 2021 is growing rapidly. For solo travel, check out Central & South America, as well as Australia and Japan.

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