The Best Jobs For Full Time Travellers | Start Earning Money On The Road Now

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So, you’re desperate to start travelling full time? 


But you have no money, no savings and you’re tied to a job that you hate…  


In addition to this, being sat in your home country, (probably on lockdown) daydreaming of endlessly jumping from country to country, is only adding pain to your problem.  


I know your pian, this desire and longing to travel is simply too much to ignore. 


However, what if I told you that – you can drop whatever work you’re doing right now, start working online and begin full-time travel, 


Yep, right now. Sounds too good to be true right? 


Well, in this post we’re going to explore the very best jobs for full-time travellers. All of which you can start doing or working towards right now.

Table of Contents

What makes a good full-time travel job?

One thing we can thank the 2020/2021 pandemic for, is the increase in people working remotely. 


With many workplaces, switching to a more permanent remote set-up, this pandemic has allowed us to see that we really don’t need to sit in an office, from 9-5.


In fact, this way of working is actually counterproductive… A good travel job on the other hand is the complete opposite of this.  


A good full time travel job, is any job that allows you to… well, travel? 


Yes, that’s true but a great full-time travel job is going to allow you 3 things…

All these three factors make up the perfect travel job.


Geographical freedom is any job that allows you to work from wherever you want. Meaning you’re not tied to any specific location and you can work, simply by opening up your laptop. 


Time freedom is a job that affords working WHEN you want. This means you don’t have to be working at any particular time. (extremely handy when you’re travelling through many time zones). 


Financial freedom is work that pays well! Meaning you don’t have to work constantly to support yourself and you have disposable income that allows you to do what you want.

What are the best jobs for travelling?

Let’s explore some of the best jobs for full-time travellers (Yes, that’s now you – right after you finish reading). 


To make this section easy to understand, I have broken jobs down into three categories;

Digital Nomad Jobs (Online/Remote Work)

If you’re serious about travelling full time, you simply have to work online. This way you’re free to earn money wherever you are. 


Combine that with something you can do WHEN you want and pays well, you’re really winning. 


Whatsmore, if you actually enjoy that work, then you’ve pretty much completed full-time travel…

No Experience Digital Nomad Jobs

Online English Tutoring

Did you know you can teach English online with zero experience? 


Although there are many different online English tutoring platforms, a great place to start would be a company called Cambly. 


With them, you can sign up and chat with students from all over the world! While the pay isn’t great, you can start earning money as soon as you get approved and the hours are super flexible. 


I’ve worked for Cambly over the last 12 months, and you can read the full breakdown of how Cambly works here. 


Are you a fast typer? 


Well transcription, might be a great job for you. 


Transcription is typing audio into text format and with so much content being uploaded to the internet, is an essential skill from 2021 onwards. 


Speak two languages? 


With the world becoming more and more intertwined between cultures and languages, the need for translation services is also rising. 


For example, many content types need translating from one language into English or vice versa. 


Are you an avid reader? 


Well, why not get paid for proofreading? Many writers, especially non-native English speaking ones, often need someone to read over their work. And this could be you. 


You can check out these types of jobs on Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer.

Start an Online Business

Although this is something that you’ll need to build up over time. You can start right now with no experience. 


You could start dropshipping or offer a service or online product. You’ll learn a tonne of skills while working towards something that earns you money in the future. 

Digital Assistant

This is a great one, especially if you have zero experience. 


Becoming a digital assistant means you help someone (often with running an online business) to run things behind the scenes.


This could include; emailing, scheduling, social posting and basically doing the more boring parts of the business. 


While all of these jobs do allow you to travel, they’re often low paying (except after gaining lots of experience and improving at them).


If you want to get started with some of these jobs, check out Fiverr or Freelancer.

Skilled Digital Nomad Jobs

Let’s check out some jobs that require a  higher level of skill. 


All these jobs are the very best jobs for full time travellers. As they allow you the most flexibility as well as potentially paying very good money.  


All of these jobs are skills to build up over time, so finding one you enjoy and actually want to do, is crucial.


Writers and more specifically Copywriters are in very high demand at the moment. 


Being able to write great copy for web pages and blogs (optimized for Google) is a skill that every business needs moving into the future. 


If you want to become a writer, write every day and develop your skills.

Web Designer

Like copywriting, the need for people who can design amazing websites is ever-growing. 


In 2021, every business needs a great website and with software such as Elementor, you don’t even have to write a single line of code. 


There are some great books on the fundamentals of web design, such as; Don’t Make Me Think’, which is a must-read alongside designing your own personal website to practice. 


Just practice, practice and practice some more. Eventually, you’ll know a lot more about web design than your average person does, without even realising it.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is super important right now. 


Being able to create content that ranks on Google and drives traffic to businesses is extremely valuable. 


A very interesting and very worthwhile skill to learn. 


There are plenty of videos on Youtube and through playing around with your own site and trying to get pages to rank on Google, you’ll learn a tonne about what makes pages rank!


The next level up from web designing is coding. 


Being able to write code, means you can more or less create anything digitally. 


This is a super powerful and invaluable skill. 


However, it takes a lot of time and dedication to learn how to code, so you need to learn what goes into it, what it takes and learn the very basics before you commit to doing it as a full-time career. 

Graphic Design

Got an eye for what looks good? 


Well, graphic design is another high demand skill in 2021. All businesses need graphics and logos for their websites. 


So learning the basics of graphic design can go a long way in getting you some work, as well as being a great job for freelance work.

Video Editing

Being able to create amazing video content is massive! 


With Youtube being the second biggest search engine (behind Google), you can’t argue how engaging video content is. 


Having the ability to edit such videos is perhaps one of the best things you could learn right now, as Youtube’s popularity is only growing.

Classic Backpacking Jobs

If you haven’t yet developed any online skills, there are plenty of classic backpacker jobs you can do while travelling. 


While these jobs don’t really achieve all three types of freedom, they are more or less disposable forms of work. Meaning they’re in industries that experience high turnovers and are used to having travellers coming and going. 


These jobs are great for saving up a bunch of cash and topping up on funds between destinations.  


These jobs include;

Fruit Picking

Fruit picking has long been a go-to backpacker job. Especially in places such as Australia and New Zealand. 


In the right season, you can earn really good money and is a great way to save in a short tie period. 


However, having done my fair share in both Aus & NZ, I won’t lie to you, it does suck.


Being a bartender is possibly the most fun and enjoyable way you can earn money as a traveller. 


You’ll get to meet a tonne of people and even have a few drinks on the job…


Construction has also been a backpacker favourite, as it can pay really well! 


However, labouring can be hard work and is obviously not that enjoyable.


Do you already have a skill or sport you do at home? 


Well, why not turn that into a job and coach it to people? 


For example, you might teach yoga, surfing, skiing or pretty much any other sport.

Hostel Work

Working in a hostel is a great way to afford travel. As many of these jobs, mean you’re working for your keep. (In exchange for your bed and facility use). 


While strictly speaking, you may not be earning amazing money, you will be spending little while meeting all sorts of weird and wonderful people along the way. 

Summary Of Best Jobs For Full Time Travellers

To summarize, this post I would like to leave you with the following: 


You don’t have to be earning a tonne of money to be working on the road. 


With little to no skills, you’ll probably be earning sh*t money to start with, especially if you’re working online. 


So begin by taking part in some of the classic backpacking jobs (they’re all fun for a short time). But at the same time, find an online-based skill that you enjoy, which you can work towards turning into a full-time job. 


Happy travelling (and job searching)…

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