Hello! Stoked you’ve found my blog whether you came here via Google Or YouTube; thanks for consuming my content. My name’s Dan Harmon, and I’m a full-time surf traveler, writer, and now  Youtuber. Which is something I never thought I’d say. But here we are.

This surf travel blog acts as your surf travel guide, as well as a place to inspire you to travel full-time, chase, swell, and work online. 

If you love budget surf travel, pumping waves, and heading to the lesser-known corners of the globe in search of riding waves, I think we’ll get on just fine. So take a look around, get lost in surf stories, and make trips happen with the numerous surf travel guides. 

On this site, you’ll find dozens of informative articles with all the information you need to make surf trips happen. The blog includes the world’s best surf destinations, including places such as Portugal, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Peru, Mexico, The Canary Islands, Chile, and Indonesia. 

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